Where can i see your globes, do you have a shop?

We create each globe in a busy working studio - so we are not open to the public day to day and we do not have a store or keep stock.

All globes are made bespoke to order, to arrange a meeting regarding a commission please contact If you are interested in a tour - please email to be notiifed of any future open hour events.

Is Bellerby & Co. Globemakers a British company?

Yes, we are based in North London, and all of our globes are crafted by hand in our studio.

What materials do you use?

Designed to last many lifetimes, we use only the finest quality materials. Our globes are made up from

durable plaster, resins, grp, solid brass, Sennelier colour pigments, PH neutral glue, and sustainable wood.

What should i be careful of when my globe arrives? Care information?

If you are ordering a large globe, please make sure to open the wooden crate carefully. The globes are heavy, for the 80cm Curve definitely a very strong person or 2 to lift the globe on to it’s base.

Again using the 80cm Curve as an example, please make sure to lift the globe and place gently on to the base without hitting the globe itself against the metal corners. When moving the metal base lift and carry rather than drag.

For all globes – they can be cleaned with a DRY clean cloth. There is a protective resin or gloss but water is best kept off the globe. Remember that it is made of paper and hand painted.

All globes should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from wall or space heaters.

Treat the globe as you would any artwork – it is made to be touched but keeping it in the right environment will ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations and passed down as a pristine heirloom.

How do I make a purchase?

To discuss a commission please phone  +44 (0) 20 8800 7235, or by email - we will usually be back to you within a few hours.

For commissions we require 50% payment as a deposit, and 50% on delivery.

Which payment methods do you accept?

To purchase a Mini Desk Globe online we accept all credit and debit cards or you can pay directly through PayPal. 

We can also take payment by BACS or Credit Card (all major credit cards).

Is it safe to use my card on your website?

Yes absolutely. To help ensure a safe and secure shopping journey, Bellerby & Co. protects all customer information. 

When you place orders, our systems work with the browser software on your computer to establish a secure,

encrypted connection using an Internet-standard technology called SSL.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship direct from our London Studio, to every country in the world!

Can you customise my globe?

Yes, a globe is a fantastic way to commemorate a special occasion or compliment a decoration scheme.

We can help customise colours, add a hand engraved message, add bespoke cartography and we do hand drawn and hand painted illustrations of all sorts.

We also undertake artist commissions, please email or phone to discuss.

When will my globe be delivered?

Please get in touch, our lead times change month to month depending on what orders we are working through. We are always booked a few months ahead on all sized globes. Often the lead time can be around 6 months or more.

Are you open to visitors?

As a small working studio, we are currently only open to customers by appointment only.

Owing to popular demand, we will be organising open-house events in the upcoming future. To register your interest please email

How do I become a globemaker?

Learning the globe-making profession requires patience, skill and dedication.

Apprentices at Bellerby & Co. can expect to train for 6 months before accomplishing the demanding standards we strive to uphold in all aspects of our craft.

From original cartography and goring, to watercolours and carpentry, globemaking is a truly multi-disciplined career.

We are not currently looking for any new team members but we are always interested to hear from talented potential candidates.

If you would like to get in contact, please send a copy of your cv and a brief description of yourself to -

Will you teach me to make a globe?

We are a busy and small studio, working away to fill our orders. Any down time is devoted to training our long-term apprentices or working on new design ideas to ensure our company continues to grow. Also.. it takes our apprentices over 6 months to learn just the process of applying the gores to a sphere, there is not much we could teach in a day or two.. and globes are made in stages.. they require drying and resting time.. so apologies but no we are not offering that.

Where can i see your globes?

A small selection of Mini Desk Globes & Livingstone Desk Globes are available in the Great Writing Room at Harrods (they often sell out so best call ahead).

We now have a two special editions of the 23cm & 36cm globes made special for Linley.

And a selection of Mini Desk Globes also available now at De Moura in Prestbury Village, Cheshire.

Because we love the idea of your globe being made bespoke for you – we focus mainly on taking orders direct at our London studio. Off the shelf globes make up a very small percentage of what comes out of our studio.

How much are additions to the cartography of the world map?

We inlude 10 cartography edits with our 23cm globes and 10 cartography edits with our 36cm and larger globes.

For more extensive personalisation please enquire when you place your order and you will receive a quote the same day.

What is the difference between the Mini Desk Globe and The Albion?

Mini Desk Globe is the name for all our 23cm globes that sit on bases with 3 semi-hidden ball bearings for a 360 degree spin. The Albion is the name we gave to a slimmer base we designed more recently, we think it has a more modern and contemporary feel while the thicker base is more traditional. The Albion is available is a wide range of locally sourced as well as exotic woods and metals.

What is the difference between a Mini Desk Globe and a Livingstone Desk Globe?

The Mini Desk Globes are 23cm and sit on ball bearings for a 360 degree spin. The Livingstone is 36cm in diameter and sits on a traditional base.

We make globes that spin 360 degrees in a fluid motion by hand in all sizes (23cm, 36cm, 50cm, 80cm and 127cm).

The larger the globe the more level of detail with the painting, the Livingstone has more washes of colour.

The Livingstone when on it’s original base has a gloss finish while the Mini Desk Globes have a matte finish. The Livingstone includes an option for a hand engraved message on the brass arm that holds to globe while the Mini Desk Globe has a copper plate in the base that can be engraved.

What is the difference between The Britannia and The Galileo?

The Britannia is 50cm and the The Galileo is 80cm – they are both floor standing globes.. it really depends on what size you prefer and how dominant you want the globe to be in your room. Please phone to discuss further base options and colour options.. we have done many variations.

What can i engrave, and where?

**The Mini Desk Globes include an engraving on the copper plate that sits in the base. This is included in the price and holds up to 40 characters.

**The Livingstone Desk Globe includes a hand-engraved message on the brass arm of the globe. This holds up to 30 characters.

**The Britannia and Galileo globes in the traditional bases includes a hand engraved message around the brass meridian around the globe we recommend a commissioning mark like names, dates or favourite quotes.

**For an extra cost we can engrave the brass, aluminium, copper or marble bases directly into the outside surface. Options are endless!

If you have ordered a globe already and have not sent through your engraving details, email – referencing the name you ordered under.

Can i add illustrations?

Sea monsters in the oceans, your favourite family photo, love letters in the Pacific Ocean, turtles in the Galapagos, pyramids in Giza, sailboats.… we can do anything.

**We have very talented illustrators working for us, please enquire about possibilities, costs and timeframes for completion.

What colours do you offer?

>> Click here for blog post with all colours in our collection <<

**There may be a small additional cost if you commission a globe in a colour that we have never done before, this will be so that we can test colours and send you options to ensure we create what you have in mind!

How is my globe sent?

The Mini Desk Globes & Livingstone globes come in a bespoke flight case which makes for great gift-giving. The larger globes have crates built to safely hold and transport them. Larger globes in Europe or the UK.. we usually hand delivery them ourselves!

It’s my husband’s / wife’s / lover’s / boss’s / birthday next week, i need a globe!!?

We are a small team and we make globes the slow way, right now we are taking orders for mid 2018. It is advisable to plan ahead if you are wanting to purchase a globe for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or Christmas 2019. We think we are well worth the wait!